Monday, June 16, 2008


In Part 2 we are introduced to Nikki Brand, a radio talk host who thinks society is over stimulated, via a TV monitor....Max O'Blivion also makes his debut on TV, within the TV yet! Prof. O'Blivion states that in the future we will all have "TV names". While the internet is not TV it is a media source, and today I noticed that everyone had a "TV name" on the forum I was on. ("RadioAlcolyte" was my favorite.) Purposeful or not, Cronenberg seems to have made a Warhol-like prediction.... Max has become completely fascinated by the signals Harlan has been able to intercept. More torture. This time a "black guy" gets his scrotum electrocuted.....Max keeps trying to figure out the "angle" when Harlan tells him, "That's it. They just keep doing that for over an hour.." Nikki finds her way to Max's apartment where she solicits the viewing of a tape Max made of the transmissions after finding no pornography. She seems to like it and even asks Max to cut her....Nikki=nick=to cut? So it goes, and Max is introduced to S&M by means of piercing. Early stages of "over stimulation"? They make love and Max "finds" himself inside the transmissions torture room. Hallucination or sexual fantasy? We begin down the rabbit hole.....Now Part 3.

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