Tuesday, June 17, 2008


"Nikki Brand".....after part three we know what her full name means. Again, does she serve to soften Max up a bit? A starter course for would-be sadists? Yin and yang, Nikki the masochist and the emergence of Max as sadist. What will her "trip" to Pittsburgh yield. Does Masha lead Max in the direction of answers to Videodrome? And I know you must be thinking, "Cathode Ray Mission..? WTF!?" Now Part 4...

Note: Due to complications I've had to procure parts 4-10 from other sources and unfortunately a key visual sequence has been truncated in these recordings. The scene involves Max and a TV screen.... These are still images captured of said sequence that I believe bridge the gap from the end of Part 4 to the next scene in Part 5.

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